ReLIVE is...

a toolbox to unravel transportation issues for your city, your business or for yourself. ReLIVE is designed to get more insight into the mobility of a place. It helps you to understand the various options you have to reach a location. The intermodal routeplanner shows you the route, time and distance. In the transport model you can change the network or a public transport service. Next you can see how the new transport scheme changes your mobility, and that of others.




Explore the network and learn what options exist to travel between any two points on the map. Combine various means of transport to find the fastest route that fits your travel needs. Parking in the city centre, combinations of car and train and bus, park & ride, bike sharing... All means of transport and their combinations become possible.

More than ever, new data becomes available to show where peaple travel and how they travel. Our toolbox is designed to cope with all this data. Various datasets can be combined and used, such as travel times, public transport schemes or origin destination data gathered by cellphones or apps. Combining the data with the route planner is a powerful combination.

Calculate a scenario and find out what makes a difference. What if a new bus scheme was applied? How would a new tramline change the way we travel? Check who could use the new infrastructure or service, given the need of transport is known from the datasets you uploaded.

Als last but not least, share your ideas and visions for the future. Show the citizens what the new transport scheme does for them. Let them see into the future using a route planner of the future situation.

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